NEO has converged SFA's existing & new business items with smart technologies including AI technology to provide world-class smart products, and now NEO is expanding new products and business areas.

NEO Inspect

This is an AI-based Inspection System equipped with AI functions such as Deep Learning in the traditional Rule-based Algorithm Inspection method.
As a result, it has improved the detection and discernment to levels unimaginable in the past, and is now actively used in various industries including EV battery with the application of SFA's unique optical system.

NEO Move

NEO Move is product transporting & sorting equipment such as C/V, AGV, OHT and Sorter. With the applications of AI-based autonomous driving and new concept logistics
operation solution to these equipment, it enables logistics productivity improvement, cost minimisation, and operation & management optimisation.

NEO Pick

NEO Pick is applied in business area where products are picked up by robots for loading and sorting purpose. With the application of AI, which can accurately determine the target products, and then make
self-judgement & determination of picking method, it minimises human errors, operates non-stop and improves productivity. Its field of application and effectiveness are significant as it enables combination with transportation vehicles.

NEO Place

There are various types of product storage and loading equipment such as Stocker and High Performance Stacker Crane.
With the applications of Predictive Maintenance (PdM) and operation efficiency improvement solution to these equipment, they enable the establishment of Smart Factory.
Predictive Maintenance (PdM) and operation efficiency improvement solution to these equipment, they enable the establishment of Smart Factory.

NEO Precision

SFA has a variety of core process equipment in diverse industries such as EV battery, display and semiconductor and other industries which perform manufacturing processes to make materials and semi-finished
products into finished products in the manufacturing line. Predictive Maintenance (PdM) and quality management systems are applied to these equipment to enable stabilised equipment operation, productivity improvement, and cost reduction.

NEO Measure

Various measurement machines with AI-applied precise measurement image pre-processing technology are used in diverse industries such as display and semiconductor.
In addition, a solution, which accurately analyses and responds to the limitations of the measurement environment, has been applied for the revolutionary improvement of measurement precision and stability.

NEO Logis

NEO Logis is an integrated management system solution for logistics equipment & system, logistics operation & management system of logistics such as automated warehouses,
distribution centres and logistics systems. As a unique advantage of SFA, AI solution, in particular, is applied to maximise logistics productivity and stable management.